Associated Bird Dog Clubs of Ohio
Spring Dates 2010

Date                                Club                                                        Grounds

March 6-7                     Miami Valley Vizsla                              Tri Valley

March 13-14                Buckeye Brittany                                 Tri Valley

March 13-14                Ohio Tournament Hunters                Ashland

March 15 -16               Penn Brittany Championship           Tri Valley

March 20-21                Ohio Brittany                                         Tri Valley

March 20-21                Ohio Red Setter Club                          Grand River

March 20-21                Ohio Tournament Hunters                Waterford

March 27-28                Irish Setter Club of Ohio                     Tri Valley

March 27-28                Ohio Tournament Hunters                Marysville

April 3-4                       Clovernook Pointer Setter                 Tri Valley

April 10-11                  GSCA /Miami Valley Gordon Setter  Tri Valley

April 10                        Ohio Tournament Hunters                
April 17-18                  Cleveland Vizsla                                   Tri Valley

April 17-18                  Ohio Tournament Hunters                 Marysville

April 24-25                  Buckeye GSP                                        Tri Valley

 Hunt Test Dates

March 27-28              Cinci Weim                        Private Grounds

May 22                        Columbus Weim                          Private Grounds

May 23                        Ohio Brittany                                Private Grounds

May29-30                    Miami Valley Vizsla                     Keetons

June 5-6                      Cleveland Weim                          Keetons
Field Trial Calendar
Event Information
Associated Bird Dog Clubs of Ohio
Event Calendar for Ohio Field Trials and Hunt Tests
Field Trials & Hunt Test Dates
             Associated Bird Dog Clubs of Ohio Inc
             Spring Field Trial Dates 2019
Area A = 208      Area B = Club House 1 & 2    Area C = Keyse Rd
Date        Club        Grounds / Areas
March 2/3                                                        Tri Valley B  1/2
March 9/10        Buckeye Brittany Club           Tri Valley  B  1 /2   C

March 16/17        Ohio Brittany Club                Tri Valley A  B1 /2  C

March 18/21      Tri  State Brittany Championship       Mingo
March 23/24                                                         Tri Valley
Mar 30/ 31         Irish Setter Club of Ohio             Tri Valley  B  1 /2  
April 6/7                                                                  Silver Dollar
April 6/7        Gordon Setter Club of America         Tri Valley  B 1- 2
April 13/14        Miami Valley Viszla                        Tri Valley  B 1  /2
April 19/21        Ohio Valley Retriever                     Woodbury
April 20/21  Buckeye German Shorthair Pointer Club    Tri Valley B 1/2
April 22/25          Ohio GPS Championship              Tri Valley B 1 /2  C
April 26/28          German Shorthair Club of Ohio      Tri Valley B 1 /2  C
April 26/28         Mid Ohio NAVDA                             Delaware
April 27/28        Ohio Tournament Hunters                West Liberty

 Hunt Test  Dates

April 6/7        Central Ohio Pointing Dog Club           Marysville
April18/19        Weimaraner Club of Cincinnati          West Alexandria
April  26/28       Ohio Valley Retriever                        Woodbury

May 4/5            GSPCO                                              Oakridge PA

May 18/19        Buckeye Brittany                                Cardington
May 30/31        Cleveland Viszla        PA
June 9/10           Weimaraner  Gr. Cleveland             Cardington

June 13/14        Miami Viszla                                      Cardington

                  ABDCO Fall 2019 Corresponding Field Trial Dates
Area A – 208       Area -B Club House 1 & 2         Area - C Keyse Rd
Aug 30/ Sept 1        GSPO Walking Trial                Oakridge
Sept 7/8        Buckeye Brittany                               B 1 /2  C        Tri Valley
Sept 14/15                                                                B  1/2          Tri Valley
Sept 21/22        Miami Viszla                                        B1/2        Tri Valley
Sept 28/29        Ohio Valley Retriever                        Woodbury
Sept 28/29        Ohio GSP                                        B 1/2  C         Tri Valley
Oct 4/6        Mid Ohio NAVDA                                                        Delaware
Oct 5/6        Buckeye GSP                                    B1 /2   C          Tri Valley
Oct  9/13    AFTCA Int.  Pheasant Championship/ Derby
                                                                                     A B C        Tri Valley
Oct 14/16        Nat. Open Pheasant Champ
                      Pheasant Champ Club                           A B C        Tri Valley
Oct 17-20        Nat. Amateur Pheasant Champ                A B C   Tri Valley
Oct 26-27         Buckeye Brittany                               A B C          Tri Valley
Nov 16/17        Irish Setter Club of Ohio                                      Silver Dollar

              Ohio Tournament Hunters                

9/ 14/45 UFTA
10/ 12/13 UFTA
12/14/15 UFTA        
                     Hunt Tests  
Sept 7/8          GSP Ohio                  Oakridge        
Oct 5/6        Central Ohio Pointing   Cardington
Oct 26/27        Miami Viszla              Circleville        
Nov 9        Irish Red and White        Circleville        
Nov 10      Irish Setter Club Ohio      Circleville        
Dec 7/8        Buckeye Brittany          Cardington        
Dec 14/15        GSCA                       Circleville