What's New in Ohio

Work days were held at Tri Valley WLA. . Boards on the Corrals were replaced.  We
also helped layout and mow trial grounds in Aug. Work days are planned for 2016 in
the spring to repair corrals and kennels and a workday with our Dog of the Year
Picnic in June. In August we will again this year assist with mowing the area and
preparing for the fall trial season.
Who Are We
The ABDCO is comprised of licensed AKC and American Field trial and Hunt Test  
giving Clubs. We work with the State to schedule Field Trials and Hunt Tests on
state wildlife areas and on private grounds.  We  promote hunting  with dogs and
wildlife conservation. We serve as a voice for the Ohio sportsman to ODWL
Ohio Dog of the Year  awards are given to outstanding dogs that compete in
American Field Pointing  Breed Trials, AKC Pointing Breed Trials, AKC
Retreiver Trials and Hunt Tests.
Membership is open to any dog club or organization that hold field trials, hunt tests
or other competitive hunting dog event in the state of Ohio. Priority Dates are drawn
twice a year to use the state wildlife areas. Members of the ABDCO draw the dates
at the state priority meeting  and resolve any conflicts as to who receives the dates
available. We also schedule dates on private grounds to help avoid conflicting
events within the group.
Field Trials go hand in hand with hunting. Proven breeding stock produce
outstanding hunting companions.  Trials give the hunter additional opportunities to
enjoy their sport and their dogs. A schedule of Field Trials and Hunt Test held in
Ohio is posted on this website calendar.
Associated Bird Dog Clubs of Ohio
ABDCO  - Associated Bird Dog Clubs of Ohio Inc.
Associated Bird Dog Clubs of Ohio Inc

2016 Ohio Dog of the Year

American Field

All Age
Winner Erin’s Hidden Shamrock  
Owner  Sean Derrig
RU  Erin’s Wild Justice   Owner Allen Linder

Shooting Dog
Winner  Nosam Rock Creek  Owner  Ray Wheeler
RU B ‘N E Commache Moon   Owner Ed Teiga & B.
H. Brown

Winner Raags Buck Saw   Owner Ray Wheeler
RU  Erin’s Rebel Rum     Owner Sean Derrig

Amateur Handler
Ray Wheeler
RU   William Brown

Ohio Tournament Hunters

Amateur Pointing
Gabi    Owner  Bob Berryhill
Ru Harper  Owner Colin Fowler

Open Pointing
Darby  Owner  Scott Reber
Ru Harper   Owner Colin Fowler

Open Flushing
Thunder   Owner Dave White
Thor        Owner Eddie Karban

Double Flushing
Midas Owner  Eddie Karban
Ru Joules  Owner  Dave White


All Age
Winner   Chicoree’s Sparkle In Her Eye   Owner
Fred Ryan
Ru  Shamrock’s Sirius II    Owner Wade Haines

Winner  Linden’s Babe  JH  Owner Denny Keeton
RU Mythodical’s Astronomical  Owner  Cassie Allen

Open Gun Dog
FC Tibercreeks Billy The Kid  Owner  Mark Calder    
( Winner Combined Gun Dog)
Ru  FC/AFC High Winds Edge Effect  Owner   
Susan Borocz   ( RU  Combined Gun Dog)

Amateur Gun Dog
FC Tibercreeks Billy the Kid   Owner Mark Calder
Ru  FC/AFC High Winds Edge Effect   Owner
Susan Borocz

Memorial Plaque for Ed Schaefer
to be displayed in the club house
at Tri Valley Wildlife Area